Stupid Spokes... I need help...

My uni has been making some terrible clicking noises and I am now sure it is the spokes. After flicking each spoke and listening to the tones they give off, I have discovered the ones I know are loose. (They make a terribly low tone which is followed by a buzzing sound) My question is, do I really need to take it in and have the wheel tuned? Or is there a way I could do it myself without any special tools? (I can’t get to the shop till next weekend :frowning: and since it has been like this for a couple of weeks, and collecting dust, I really miss riding it)



Oh, does riding with loose spokes harm the unicycle at all? I mean can it damage the rim?

You can damage your rim, but that is only if you do something absolutely huge. 19" rims are quite sturdy. I would continue to ride, and when possible get it trued.

I just ride around, I can’t do much more than one idle right now. and I have a Torker LX 24". With that said, do you still think I’d be okay riding around? I mean, like no rim or spoke damage?

riding will likely be okay unless the spoke is loose enough to be moved about a lot with the force of a few fingers and there are several in succession that are that loose. Avoid dropping down curbs or big holes as that is what will damage the rim itself. I’d want to get it tightened as soon as you can though. Those wheelsets are good for basic riding but not the strongest in the world. Then again, my KH24" is creaking because one spoke was loose today and I dug through the bulletproof wheelset to find it and fix it because I’m anal about stuff like that.

Probably, but it won’t stop making the noise.

Call up your LBS and find out how much they charge to true a wheel. If it’s too expensive, then look into doing it yourself. My bikeshop charges $5.

How do I do it myself???

How do I do it myself???
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Sheldon Brown"> has all the answers. Get a spok key and follow his instructions.