Stupid questions: What's first -- Face or Butt?

Other than on your feet, which do you prefer – landing face up or face down?

As i earn more crash test dummy points, i’m leaning towards preferring face-down. Every time i’ve had more than momentary discomfort – i.e. almost actually broke something vs merely been smacked around-- it’s been from a rearwards UPD.

This isn’t to say that injury can’t attain from a forwards UPD, just that it seems more likely from a rear one.


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face down. Of the 5 people I know who have had unicycle-related
injuries, precisely one got theirs from going forwards. Going
backwards is much riskier, because there’s no chance of a run out.

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BraveSirStupid says, “Other than on your feet,” so I guess he’s denying us even a run-out. Even so, I would also have to say that I’d rather land face-down. I’m equally or more likely to break a wrist or arm that way - in fact I broke a thumb last spring - but probably less likely to break my head or tailbone or spine. And if I can see what it is that I’m about to land on, maybe my reflexes can help me avoid the worst of it. I don’t have very good tuck-n-roll instincts though; I tend to land on my outstretched hands, whichever way I go down. Have to work on that.

As some of you have seen from my last video, face down is exciting. I choose face down. Nothing scares me more than falling backwards. I cant see when the ground is gonna ring my bell…

This is about crashing not pillows right?

The worst is the Butt Face UPD. That’s when you’re following too close at high speeds and the rider ahead of you does a face plant into the dirt and you do a face plant into his…

After one of those you’d need a Butt Face Towel.

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On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 20:00:24 -0600, “UniBrier” wrote:

>After one of those you’d need a ‘Butt Face Towel’

Quote: “Your cheeks will thank you – all four of them!”

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