stupid pedal

my pedal has stripped threads and will not screw out of the crank. its gotten to the point where the metal on the wrench is stripping off. i just wont budge. i kinda want to take a huge mallet and whak the pedal. so, how do i perform a mallet free removal of thuis crappy pedal?

Are you sure you’re turning the wrench in the correct direction to remove the pedal?

The right pedal has normal threads. Turn clockwise to tighten. Turn counter-clockwise to loosen.

The left pedal has reverse threads. Turn counter-clockwise to tighten. Turn clockwise to loosen.

Yep. Im doing that but It WONT MOVE its about half way out and at an angle

If it’s coming out at an angle then it’s trying to cross-thread. Either the pedal threads are getting cross-threaded or the crank threads are getting cross-threaded. If the crank threads are getting cross-threaded then the crank threads are toast. Hopefully it’s only the pedal threads that are toast.

Thread the pedal back into the crank to try to straighten it out.

Now you’re going to need two people. One person will hold the pedal so it stays straight as it is removed. This will keep it from coming out at an angle and getting cross-threaded. You might need to use something like a monkey wrench or large pipe wrench to hold the pedal straight.

The other person will work the pedal wrench and unscrew the pedal.

Are you using a proper pedal wrench? A cheap wrench may not fit the pedal correctly and can easily round out the flats on the pedal.

If the threads on the crank are toast there is no real reason to remove the pedal. The crank is already toast so you might as well throw the crank and pedal away without going through the trouble to remove the pedal.

If you have an expensive crank, like a Kooka, you can salvage the pedal threads by getting a machinist to install a helicoil. Only worth it for expensive cranks because the helicoil work will cost more than a cheap pair of cranks.

THANK YOU it worked. but, the crank is complete toast. How do it take the crank of? i removed the nut but it dosent come off. its a cheap crank, but i need it soon. a bike store wont have it will they?

so how do i remove my crank?

You need a cotterless crank removing too. Inside the crank are threads, the tool screws into those threads and then a pin in the middle of the tool screws down and pushes the axle and pops the crankarm off. Any bikestore will have one. If they order you a crank they would probably put it on for you free.

Re: stupid pedal

i’ve had that experiance before except i really did take a mallet(well a metal pipe) and yes i stripped my threads.

cool, thanks. will a bike store carry the crank? i need it buy sunday

I don’t know. You may need to buy the set of cranks to keep them matched. You obviously don’t want different lengths, but the offset might be different too. Who knows if a bikestore will have the length you want.

There is a FAQ here on how to remove and install the cranks.

The FAQ uses the Park CCP-2 tool. However, I would recommend using the Park CWP-5 tool instead. The CWP-5 works much better with unicycle cranks. Use an adjustable crescent wrench with the CWP-5. The arm on the CCP-2 is too long for unicycle cranks which forces you to remove the pedal in order to spin the arm all the way around. Using an adjustable crescent wrench with the CWP-5 solves that problem.

Pretty much any bicycle shop will have a crank remover tool for sale.

What city are you in? Maybe someone knows of a local shop that carries unicycle parts. Most bike stores do not stock unicycle parts. There are a couple bike shops in the Seattle area that stock unicycle parts, but that is unusual.

Maybe there is a local unicyclist who has a spare set of cranks that they can sell you?

Maybe there is a local bike shop that has a Torker unicycle in stock and maybe they’d be willing to sell you the cranks off the unicycle? They’ll be able to order replacement cranks and install them at their leisure, while you get your cranks ASAP so you can ride on Sunday.

Worst case is that you’ll have to order the cranks from and have them overnight them to you. That is going to be very expensive for delivery on Saturday.

Even if overnighted, would deliver? I’ve never had them get one of my orders out in less than 48 hours, and 72 is more typical.

I’m in a similiar boat, my only unicycle has a bent crank and the unicycle I ordered still hasn’t arrived. And it’s going to be in the 60’s this weekend :frowning:

If you called them early in the morning East Coast time they may be able to do it. But you’d have to call them early enough that they can have it ready for early pickup by UPS or FedEx for shipment that morning. Overnight shipping via USPS (US Postal Service) is another option. USPS delivers on Saturdays. But I don’t know if is set up for shipping via USPS.

But wow! Overnight shipping for delivery on a Saturday is going to be expensive.