Stupid one-liner

Thought of while riding today:

I’d try to learn how to juggle while unicycling, but I don’t have the balls.

I wanted to get some meat down from a tall shelf. I tried to reach it while riding my giraffe unicycle but the steaks were too high.

I like it!

Stored ready for the next time someone asks, “Can you juggle?” when I’m on my uni.

hahah…steaks were too high. Now that’s a good one.

Not sure what this is from. Saw it on a forum under a picture of the baby from Family guy so mabye that’s where.

“Being Happy is like pee’ing yourself. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel it’s warmth.”


hahah not bad

i dont have one yet but im sure i can think of something

I keep getting asked “wow, is that hard?”

to which the standard answer now is “No, it’s just these shorts”

Very few seem to catch on before I sail past…

Hahaha I’ve been trying to think of a smart-ass comment for the ‘is that hard’ people… I’ll have to remember that…


I always reply with a line I read here on the forum:

It’s hard to learn, but easy to do;)

True, but that doesn’t have the biting sarcasm I enjoy in joemc’s responce. :slight_smile:

Re: Stupid one-liner

Here’s your opportunity.

one liners

Some little girl bouncing up and down on her trampoline ask me if i was in the circus.

Another time i was “uni walking” my Great Dane across an intersection and some guy rolled his car window down and made the circus sound you would hear at the circus. It was pretty funny.

Another time while I was uni walking my dog, some little girl asked me if it was hard to do? I told her no anyone can walk a dog. She looked at me like I was a booger on the end of her finger, her dad and mom were cracking up.

Re: Stupid one-liner

You know how I said I didn’t have the balls to try juggling on my uni? Well, I finally grew some yesterday and pulled out my clubs. After intermittent practicing throughout the day I was able to make it at least 300 meters! Felt good!

Re: Re: Stupid one-liner

Sounds like you clubs, but still no balls. Sorry, you are the weakest link. Goodbye

:smiley: Nice work