stupid muni idea

How about this idea for a muni competition; all riders put on white overalls, (or blue) the one who is cleanest when crossing the finish line wins.

I hate to even bump this post, but the title was sufficient, you don’t even need to read the body.

Oh and next time you have a thought, just don’t.

that could turn out to be interesting if it was like really muddy

It might be an interesting novelty race for a MUni weekend. A bit expensive if everyone has to buy a set of white overalls specially.

Wouldn’t a MUni egg and spoon race be more sensible?

This is an excellent idea.
I was going to push for Unifencing, since no one in my gang likes hockey, but this is excellent. Thank you.

Of course, mud slinging would be prohibited. :wink:

I would love muni fencing!!! I’ve been fencing for two years and a combo of uni and fencing would be sweet.

Eggs!?? Don’t you care at all for the unborn creature inside? Could be a future unicyclist …

Besides, the idea won’t work. While muniing you need your moth for swearing.

My moth is just fine when I MUni (I keep him in a little box so he doesn’t get squashed). I think in an egg/spoon race you usually just hold it in your hand.

But then again, nothing is too stupid for a unicycling game idea. You set up the game, and everybody else decides if they want to play, or take pictures, or run away. There’s always room for more silly games. The ones that seem to work best are the ones that don’t cost anything, don’t require specialized equipment, and don’t have rules that are overly complicated. Sumo comes to mind, but is only one example of many fun things I’ve done over the years.

I think the most fun I’ve had on a uni was the Sumo Wrestling that John Foss hosted at NAUCC at one of the breakout sessions. We did individual competitions and team competitions. It was really a blast! Exhausting, too.

(I’ll let John fill in the description of the court and the rules of engagement.)

In my opinion, Sumo was more fun than the flaming hockey because involvement is total in Sumo whereas you spend a lot of time waiting when playing hockey. Also, it’s very surprising how “less good” riders can best better ones.

It’s very physical, though; not like just riding with an egg on a spoon.

Hah! My friend, Andy, an occasional unicyclist, is still suffering from his injuries sustained several months ago in a fig and spoon race. He damaged a ligament in his shoulder when he was doing a diving roll to avoid a man dressed as an Arab, and wrapped in a mattress. I kid you not. Food and spoon races can be very physical indeed.

Re: stupid muni idea

This would work well in Scotland!

When I go out muni-ing I always come back caked in mud

(except for during the 2-3 weeks of “summer” we get!)

Getting covered in mud is half the fun of muni!


this fig and spoon race sounds quite interesting…

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Mud is the ink we use for bodypainting our homage to the muni sport. :slight_smile:

I think whoever is dirtiest when they cross the finish line should be winner.

Re: Re: stupid muni idea

Global warming has made two weeks’ difference? :astonished:

Re: stupid muni idea

On Sat, 13 Aug 2005 14:42:44 -0500, “Mikefule” wrote:

>Wouldn’t a MUni egg and spoon race be more sensible?

Sensible eh? I’ve seen pictures of it being done. Only it wasn’t
proper MUni but just a grass field.

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Perhaps this is a better idea for a muni competition?

How about:
Muni dodgeball
Muni Quidditch
Water balloon fights
Supersoaker fights

I donno about MUni quidditch, but my friends and I have played plain uni quidditch. it’s pretty awesome…