Stupid grammar thread

Did you know that “octopuses” used to be the only correct plural of
octopus. That is because octopus comes from the Greek, not Latin. Octopi
became acceptable because so many people assumed it Latin in origin.

If I were an octopus, perhaps I could ride 8-footed.

David Maxfield Bainbridge Island, WA

If you were an octopus you would have no feet…only tenacles. The image of an octopus jetting by on top of a unicycle is a good one.

i have come across this problem many a-time. there is the question of mooses, and geeses. but when it comes down to it, just say what sounds funnyist. see, thats probably not even a word, but it is certinly most funner to say.


twas the night before x-mas, and all thru the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a…MOOSE
happy holidays

lets not forget that it “how many R.B.I.did the baseball player get?” not "how many R.B.I.'S

Something else I thought I should point out, just FYI… people who are currently middle- highschool students are probably farmiliar with the term “in school suspension,” which is a suspension served in the “in school suspension room,” commonly abbreviated “ISSR.” Induhviduals often say things like “I have ISSR tommorow,” or “the punishment is ISSR.” What they don’t realize is that they are saying “I have in school suspension room tommorow,” and other things that don’t make sense. They should really say “The stupid administrators at my school gave me ISS,” which is ‘In School Suspension’, without the ‘Room.’ I’m sure this happens with other common abbreviations, and I hope that in the future all of remember to think about what you are saying, if you don’t already.

oooh, oooh…

How about the plural of S.O.B: S’s.O.B’s.

How about using articles (a and an) before acronyms. Does
one see a UFO or an UFO? Better, is it an RBI (sounds better) or a RBI (a run-batted-in) the article a being used before a word that begins with a consonant?

Human zygotes have had the resident genetic material washed out and replaced by foreign material, allowing two females to be the genetic contributers to a child (this was actualy some years back).

This is an excellent example of the need for a silly-puty language: thousands of years of human acheavment has finally made “son of bitches” accurate.

(I susspect this amazing feet was perfomed on a Unicycle… or would that be “life out of balance”…hummm… did I hear some one yell at me [after briefly iddling on their foot while waiting for a light to change] the other day “Come back here, you unicycling son of Bitches!”?)


harper wrote:

> How about using articles (a and an) before acronyms. Does one see a UFO
> or an UFO?

If you pronounce it ooooo foe, then you use ‘an’. If you spell it out as
you eff oh, then you use ‘a’. So for unicycle, since it’s pronounced you
knee psych ell, you use ‘a’.

  • Gilby