Stunt Trail (Muni)

Morgan, Josh, Jamey, Eyal, Jesse, and I met up in Malibu and spent the afternoon on “Stunt Trail,” which begins with a few rocky chutes, then opens up for high speed single track blazing for several miles, then again gets a smidge technical toward the bottom of the first-class, five mile (approx.) run. Rocks and slabs flank the single track most of the way down and the natural trials possibilities are limitless. We barely scratched the surface in this regard.

Because it sweeps down the highest range in the whole Malibu escarpment, and has a clear and spectacular view of the ocean most of the way, Stunt Trail is one of the more enchanting Muni trails in the entire LA area.

Good crew and a great time. Incredibly, Eyal’s Aunt and Uncle live only a mile or two from the bottom of the trail and they fed us a regular feast after the ride. Sunday’s don’t get much better than this one . . .


yes, what he said :slight_smile:














That looks pretty fun. I’d like to go out there sometime this week and give it a try. Where exactly is it (Directions please :)) and do I need to hike up and then ride down? I’ll be going solo, and of course, I’ll shoot plenty of video!:smiley: Thanks!

That looks like some intense riding. Very nice pics.

I wish someone would tell me where it is, and how to get there! I know Eyal and Vivalargo read my first post asking the same question, so comon guys, directions please! :sunglasses:

Holy frickin money that looks delicious! You guys are my heros!

eyal, how many aunts and uncles do you have? It seems like you’ve always got a set living close by haha

Hey fellas. As for directions, the layout is easy, but I can’t remember street names. Basically, you take Las Virgines exit West off the 101. Turn left on Piuma. The bottom trailhead is marked on the lefthand side about 2 or so miles down Piuma. To get to the upper trailhead, continue on Piuma for about 8 miles. Then you take your first left on a street I can’t remember, and after another mile, it takes you to the top of the ridge. You’ll pass a large water tank, and park at the top where you can see the east face of the mountain, as well as the ocean on the west. The upper trailhead starts behind a large water tank. JL can fill in the details later.

And yes, I have an aunt stationed at every trailhead west of the mississippi.

Eyal or…,

Do you think, it’s close enough to the coast to get cooler temps, especially in the summer? This side of the 101 is always cookin.

Sheeesh, that’s 30 minutes away from my pad. Maybe I can get out there the next time you guys do a run. :roll_eyes: I made it out to Wizz Bang early Saturday for a little over an hour of playing around.

Confirm this looks like a shuttle, right? Also, it looks like from your description, that it could be a hike up and ride down from the bottom. Is that possible?

Looks like a fun run.

Well, my thought is that it would be too optimistic to predict temperate weather there in the summer. Although the trail is only a couple miles from the coast, it’s separated by a pretty high mountain ridge, and I’m thinking anything east of that ridge is going to bake in the summer.

Yes, the Stunt Trail is a shuttle.

What do you mean you went to Wizz Bang? I thought you bowed out of muni… Is someone in denial?? :wink:

A lot of the trail is in the shade which is nice and might make it a tad bit cooler in the summer…

It was a great trail and a fun time with everyone! Hopefully I’ll post a couple pictures sometime today. The taco’s afterwards was superb and really made the entire ride that much better! Thanks again Eyal!! Hope to be riding with ya’ll a lot more.

So here are some photos.

This is the back side of the previous photo of Josh.


Morgan mastering the trail:


Eyal showing us how it’s done:

Josh doing his thing:

The four amigos:

The cool uni dude in front of Eyal’s aunt & uncle’s house:

Another group shot at the start:

And last but not least, a funny group shot of us after the ride hangin out at Eyal’s aunt and uncle’s: