stunt pegs on a uni?

has onybody ever put stunt pegs on a unicycle? like maybe coming out the side of somewhere on the uni?
i know thered be issues with hitting them while pedalling but i dont know maybe theres some kind of workaround :smiley:

people have done it with giraffes.

My original giraffe pegs were fold-up ones that clamped onto the tubing. The original idea was to try these on a regular uni but they were still way too big. But the idea just occurred to me of attaching some pegs that extend to the front or rear of the fork legs. We already have the fork crown, which is the sensible place to plant feet, but that might work as another foot location. You would still have a similar problem of cranks coming around to interfere with your foot while you’re on it, but with some experimentation there might be something workable there.

I think I’ve thought of this first; haven’t seen or heard of any examples of this. The devil would be in the details of figuring out how to work it where the cranks can still rotate…

Edit: when I first read this topic I thought of the pegs I’ve seen on some tall giraffe’s to assist in mounting so…

Semi related topic: Portable “props” for giraffe mounting. The thought occured to me, since I have difficulty free-mounting my 5’ giraffe without “propping” the wheel against something. I know, I know I just need to practice more. However, as I’m able to free-mount just by propping even a small rock against the back of the tire ( just enough to keep it from rolling back when I apply weight to the back pedal) I thought about wearing some sort of a belt with a long bit of string attached at one end of the belt and the other end of the string to my wheel “prop.” Then I do the prop-assisted mount and ride off and just recover the prop by reeling in the string. Could be an automatic reel if you could modify the parts used on one of those retractable dog leases. This might be useful if there is no good place to prop-mount your giraffe, or you’re just getting really tired and so mounting is becoming a problem. Maybe I’ll give it a shot? I’m sure this has been done. Or maybe I just need to practice my free-mounts some more :slight_smile: ?

That would be the least complicated solution. If your wheel is rolling back on you, you must be doing something wrong. For a giraffe, the easiest way to get on is to start with on pedal at the bottom.

Watch The One DVD by Koxx…

Like these?

I had thought of getting a set of these ones when I was 3 wheeling, but I sold off the bottom wheel before I got a set.

Unfortunately no. Mine were much more crude, stuck out farther when folded, and probably cost more. This would be in the mid 1980s. The technology (read: options) was a lot more limited then! :astonished:

Sorry for the thread-jack:
You’re right, of course. The wheel doesn’t roll back and the cranks are straight up and down; it’s just a fear thing I guess. That and with the seat at the correct riding height I have issues getting it underneath me as I mount. Perhaps I should try to do more of a sif mount, get the cranks level then sit down? I’m really practicing this in a vacuum so to speak so I’ve been making it up as I go along.

Continuing thread jack:

For the giraffe mount, the sequence should be 1) Tire, 2) Down pedal, 3) Crotch on seat, 4) Other pedal. Push the top pedal rearward to get you into a pedals-level position to ride away. This means, your mount should be built with the “bias” toward the rear. You want to be falling slightly to the rear for best results, but if you go up perfectly balanced it still works. A quarter turn backwards and you ride away.

Note: Skip step 1 if the unicycle is short and/or you’re tall. Much more giraffe freemounting advice has been written in other threads…

Back on topic: Try KH Rolodisks? That is the closest thing to a peg I would ever want on a unicycle anyways. Any large BMX style foot peg would be awkward or hit your legs even if it does fold away. That fold up peg that was posted was cool however.