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These questions have probably been asked some where else, so please send me to the right place or answer accordingly. Ive been riding about a year which in Wyoming is really only a few months. I have a sun 24" and can ride it basically as long as I want (on Pavement), I can go up and down curbs and am trying to learn to go backwards. So with that little bit of info here’s my questions.
1.Is there some way to keep my junk from getting squashed, like a better seat or technique?
2. I’m wondering about foot placement on the pedals, I ride with the ball of my foot centered on the pedal and sometimes this seems a little sketchy and tireing.
3. I ride a 24" but really like just cruising around and was wondering about size and type of unicylcle that might be geared more towards that. (I ride aprox. 5 miles on an average ride)
4. I was looking for any input/tips on riding backwards I just can’t seem to get the knack.( I made it about 50 yards once but usually I can only go 20’ or less)
I know these are probably pretty basic questions but I’m just getting started so any help will be greatly appreciated.

  1. A 29 or 36. Search on the forum for “29 vs. 36” and you will see a lot of discussion. A 29 is probably more versatile if you want to do muni. A 24 is too small IMO for road riding for more than a few miles. You can do it, but it’s annoying.

Wear latex cycle shorts, take a bit of care about how you sit down in the first place, and stop thinking your gonads are somehow more special than anyone else’s. :smiley:

  1. 20’ with a personal best of 50 yards is pretty good! It sounds like you’re almost there. Just keep working on it every day. Refuse to quit and you will get it.
  1. What seat do you have, it makes a huge difference.

I juggle as well and think it would be really cool to juggle as I rode around is it reasonable to do that on a 29 or 36. I have a flock of little kids that come out to watch me when I ride around and juggle at the park and would really like tokeep them entertained. as to the next post my junk may not bet special to you but it is to me I just wondering if there was some type of seat or technique which reduced this inconvenience out there. as far as riding backwards goes I don’t think That I canjuggle or anything like that until I can stay basically stationary and have the ability to move any direction at will. By the way i’m an older guy who is somewhat technologically impaired so bear with the bad computer skills.

Hey I just saw your post shmolagin(?) I have a cheap Sun 24" with everything stock on it. I am a gear geek as far as everything else I do but know absolutely nothing about unicycles. Any Gear input you could provide would be awesome. I’m looking to upgrade but have no idea which direction to go. I mean crankshaft length, seat type, and I didn’t even know they put brakes on these things.

First, make sure you aren’t sitting on your junk in the first place. But we males know what you’re talking about. I recommend having at least one pair of good cycling shorts; the kind with a padded crotch. Holds things more in place, and the padding is nice too. You can wear them under regular shorts. Note: that’s lycra, not latex (Mikefule, what are you into besides unicycling and Morris dancing? :stuck_out_tongue: )

Your foot position is exactly right. As to the sketchiness, your seat height might not be optimum. You want your leg to extend most of the way straight when the pedal is at the bottom. Many new riders tend to have it (way) too low. Also, pedals with teeth or pins will help a lot, but they can bite (your shins/calves), so use caution.

If the goal is to go places, the best machine is a 36". That’s a big jump in size, but anything smaller is a compromise.

Practice the transition. Ride forward, stop and go backwards a bit, then go forward again. Even if it’s only half a revolution.

That half revolution is called an idle. When you rock back and forth in place, that’s called idling (or rocking). As pertains to juggling, being able to do that while idling is an eventual goal, but it’s a lot easier to juggle while riding forward so don’t worry too much about idling/juggling for a while.

Also when riding backwards, making transitions, and doing most other moves, consider your body position. Sit up straight, etc. Riding backwards is very much in your head also. It’s not like other forms of cycling, plus you can’t see where you’re going. Stick with it. If you can ride forward, you can also master riding backward.

  1. I use some fairly tight briefs under my lycra padded cycle shorts and find they help. I pull everything up in front before I mount and it usually stays there. :wink:

Hey guys, Thanks for the replies. I just found this site, I had no idea the unicycle community was so large. Thanks for bearing with my silly questions. I stayed up all night reading and reasearching and my question about the tidbits getting squashed seems to be a universal question, the guy who solves that will be a hero and a millionare. I have a really cheap unicycle and saddle is really poorly designed compared to what is available. I raised my seat and went out about 5a.m. and rode the longest ride I’ve ever taken(the bits were numb). I think the ride I have was great to learn on but I may have out grown it. I think maybe I want something that is kinda good for everything. I looking and thought maybe something like the KH26. Anyways thanks for the input this site has a wealth of information, I plan on spending more time going through the forums and seeing whats out there and already been discussed.
P.S. I will stop by the bike shop and pickup some shorts later today, thanks again.

The KH26 is probably a good option as it can be used for mountain unicycling and it is tough and light. It will come with a saddle that will probably make your other unicycle’s seat feel like a couch. Crank length is a personal preference depending on where you ride, and how fast you want to go. For brakes you can go with a disc brake or a rim brake pretty much like a bike. You might want to consider getting a 29er, since you ride several miles at a time. Its great to have finally beaten that first unicycle and move on to another, congratulations!

If the old ones gonna feel like a couch I’m in trouble. Can you get an upgraded saddle when you order and if not are there any saddles you might recommend. as far as crank length What would be considered a versatile length I think I would like to stay middle of the road and experiment from there.

Whoops, I meant the new one. :o :roll_eyes:

…and the old one a lumpy partially frozen ski chairlift (but not cold).

  1. make sure it’s in front. I wear two pairs of cycling shorts w/ Chamoix Butt’r, no underwear, the ribs rub and chafe.

  2. some people like the ball some like the arch. IMO the ball gives more control and potential power but it can be tiring (like on hills). For basic riding your legs shouldn’t be getting tired much if they are not enough weight in the seat.

  3. 20 w/ 150’s helped me. longer cranks might not really work on a 20.

Ah, you spotted my deliberate mistake.:o:o

I bought a pair bike shorts yesterday and they really helped(highly recommended), but I think my saddle is still the problem. Thanks for the tips.

I don’t know if you’d want to dump this much money into your uni, but I’ve found the Impact Naomi saddle to be much more comfortable than the stock seats due to its minimalist padding and flatter profile.

Very similar to the KH Street and Nimbus Flat Saddle. True a big improvement on any basic uni seat, but the most comfortable and best for regular riding IMO is the KH Freeride.

That’s good to know about the Freeride. But UDC needs to put up more pictures of it, because the one photo makes it look a lot like the stock saddles I’ve gotten with my unis.

The Freeride is thicker, softer and most importantly has a channel cut down the middle (F to B) for circulation flow. U can find other angles is u do a search for “KH Freeside”

Like here. The channel is deeper than it looks.