Stuff in pockets while riding

first i will start by saying i have used the search with no result, if somebody can find something then my mistake

while riding street where do people keep belongings from there pocket? if i had the likes of a camelback then still doing large jumps and that i would still have the weight movement on my back, leaving at home out of question as i have to get bus to and from town, and its a pain having to always put it down and pick it every differnt location

anybody else have this problem or am a just whinging?

Fanny Pack :smiley:

Not sure what “whinging” is.
Stop whining.

Whinging is to Whining as Colour is to Color and Honour is to Honor

I dont ride with stuff in my pockets because if i fall i break my phone and get lots of bruises and stuff from the stuff

Whew! I’m glad there were no pictures of me on that page…

In my pocket.

… and “bum bag” is to “f***y pack”

“f***y” is a rude word where I come from.


Here, Fanny is good name for a woman or a dog, or your bum.

Other side dude, other side… :smiley:

Gonna be honest, me too. My phone’s old and shitty and my wallet aint gonna get hurt if I fall on it. Not sure I’ve ever managed to fall on my front pockets either - have to fall off a wall or something or faceplant completely flat out.

its more the weight bouncing wen im going for the big jumps thats annoying