Stuff I'm bringing to moab to sell!

I hope nobody minds me posting here, but the trading post doesn’t get nearly the traffic, and Moab is just a couple days away, so I just wanted to bring this to your attention: If you buy any of these items while at Moab, you will obvoiusly not have to pay shipping or tax! :):D:p

So, for anyone who might be interested in buying the following, I’ll be bringing:

#1) Brand new pair Kris Holm Percussion Leg Armor. Size Large, unused in box it came in. $55 firm. (Less than UDC and of course, no shipping cost)

#2) Summit 19" Trials unicycle. Onza hub, Snafu sealed pedals, Luna tire, good tread. Viscount saddle w/front handle & rear bumper. Blue powder coat. (some scratches from use), $235 firm. Will only sell complete, will not “part out”. (This is a really good deal right here!)

#3 Nimbus BC plates. Make offer as I’m not sure what they cost separately.

See pics for items 2 & 3 below. Item 1 brand new. you can see them here for info:


why are you selling the kh armor?

I have two pair of 661’s and I like those fine. I know many pp prefer the KH, and they are quite well made.

lucky you got the good advertized bc plates
i got the old stlye they say new disign! blah blah blah but does i get the new kind NO that would be too easy! so i get these older high ones:(

so why did you buy the KH pads in the first place?

I thought I’d like them, but I prefer the 661’s. I guess I’m in the minority on this one.:stuck_out_tongue:

I only have a one-sided opinion but 661s it is…

Good idea on bringing stuff I don’t need - any one want a real fixer up Nimbus 24" Rim? Only slightlycracked…

Yeah and a 24 in lx that umm…worksish…

so Wht is different for the nimbus BC plates?

The new Nimbus BC plates have a curved back plate to make them stronger than just a piece of folded plate steel.


man, it’s neat that such a tiny little design alteration adds so much!

Are you sure that’s an onza hub?

It really dosen’t look like one, It looks like the one that goes on the hoppley.

I could be wrong but the cranks don’t look right :thinking:

they are square cranks much like the new ones, but they have MAASSSIVE nobs.

Yeah they do look distinctly like KH '03 cranks, which are what would have come on a summit originally.

I agree 8 spline 03-04 cranks