stuff i have accomplished

well now i can selfmount my 5’ giraffe like every 8 out 10 times now
i can idle
i can almost go one footed…
i am working on my hopping up stairs,curbs, ect.
i can do 180 hoptwists
i can pogo
i have tried wheel walking (didnt work out long story short i fell… and got hurt)
and probably more i no it doesnt seem like much but i feel i did a great job learning this stuff within like 2 weeks(i have riden itl longer i have been rideing unicycles for a total of like 3 years and i just recently this past couple months just started doing something besides simple stuff):smiley:

thats all on my giraffe

but on my reg uni i can do much more i dont feel like typeing so i wont tell u what i can do yet lol

I would say this belongs in JC.


Someone post of video of wheelwalking a giraffe. I don’t see it happening.

Yeah. Did you really try to wheel walk a 5 foot giraffe? That would be tough. Did you set the seat way down to do it?

i once saw a video of someone wheel walking a 2 wheeler giraffe but i cant see it happenong on a one wheeled 5 footer…can you post a vid?