stuff(couldn't come up with a name since it's about more then one thing)

Ok first off I’ll start with my frame. I was just rding and I was looking and my frame is not level on my wheel. I looked and found out that my wheel was in true so what should I do to fix it.

Ok next I have some questions on grinding and stuff.

  1. I have a grind rail but is there something else that would be better to grind on?
    2.Is it possible to grind with the pins in my pedals and with out a grind plate? I am going to leave my grind plate on there for now but when I start getting better at trials I want to get rid of it but still grind.
    I think that is everything and if not I’ll just ask or something


on the frame problem its probly bent so follow these 5 steps and it should fix itself

step 1: remove frame

step 2: spin frame 180 degrees

step 3: bolt frame back

step 4: spin seat 180 degrees

step 5: go ride for the about the same time you have been rideing that frame for

if you notice this happening again repeat the steps ( dont spin the seatpost clamp and dont do this if you have a brake)

basically, if you don’t have many reasonable surfaces to learn grinding on, learn on the rail, don’t wax it unless you have to.

thats not going to fix anything.
take the frame off, add shims/take shims off make it even again. add the shims to the side that is farther from the tire.
you can make some if you don’t have them already. thin rubber works well, or plastic bags :confused: if you need to use it.
if those aren’t an option, cutting up a soda can to fit should work.

These are both good RSU topics. I think you would get a better response if you separated it into two threads and titled them in meaningful ways.

I thought about shims but I wasn’t quit sure. I have been riding this frame since christmas and ever since I had noticed that it felt crocked but I didn’t think anything about it until today. Also i might make them into to seperate topics after i get done with my home work

Whatever you do, don’t do this. Then the frame with be backwards, therefor the cranks will be on the wrong sides, therefor your pedals will unscrew themeselves, therefor your cranks will strip, therefor you will need new cranks and new pedals.

EDIT: Wow,thats a lot of therefors.

no. if you turn the frame that doesn’t effect the cranks at all. you do know that the wheel with the cranks is seperate from the frame?

If you do that you have to turn the frame AND the seat around. That is a test to see in the frame is actuallt bent, and it will tell you which side to put the shims on, the side that is FARTHER from the tire. I would probably use soda cans for the shims, whatever works though.

did you not read that he said to first turn the frame, then the seat…i dont understand why you mob are bitchin about his post??? made sense to me, read it properly.



thats wrong maximus unius.

you turn the frame around.

then you turn the seat around.

seat is facing same way as wheel was originally

the only thing backwards is the frame.

pedals do not unscrew.

This is confusing me. I’ll just not click on this thread again.

EDIT: Damn, you proved me wrong twice in one day.

haha, sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:

if you are still having lots of trouble i could make a video about it lol