What have your experiences been with having a unicycle at school?
I saw a video about a family who’s elementary school students rode to school on unicycles, looked fun.

Are they allowed on campuses you’ve been to? high school? college? other?

My mother was insistent that I not have it at school, so I’ll be checking out the bike+skateboard rack at my school and then ask an administrator about it

I was just wondering what other unicyclists’ experiences have been.

It’ll be a bit before I actually can ride all the way to school(7miles, only have a 20" right now, looking to get 29"), but wanted to try to get some of my friends to maybe try it out and also learn.

Ok so i ride to school all the time on my 26 and 19.
At the middle school a while ago no issues
highschool had to strap it to my bad with in the school
and at college classes i take i park at the back of the parking lot and commute to my classes and no one seems to care when i bring it in side.

I take my uni to college classes pretty often, and no one minds me riding. I usually chain it up outside, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if I did bring it inside during classes as longboarders take their boards in and set them under their desks or at the back of the classroom. Most places will be pretty lenient about it I think.