Studding tires

I wanted to add too that I like the zip tie idea posted above alot for road riding. Only problem is that you can’t use rim brakes (what I have on my Guni).

Chains would be great for road riding and general snow riding, but I think as far as ice goes, nothing will beat studs and even then they probably won’t be a cure-all, I could still break through :roll_eyes:

That’s a great idea I hadn’t thought of sealing the screws prior to adding sealant.

So… I better throw in some extra band-aids…:wink:

Or one of these



Is it a home-made solution he uses to bring back the animal ? And if it is not, how is it called ?

I’m thinking that it can make a nice leash when riding in high mountain or ski resort (sorry for the off-topic).

I used to wrap 3 core electrical wire around the tyre, cheap and easy. Worked a treat.

Sidd, it’s called a deer/game drag. They are available at most hunting outlets.

I would actually like some kind of retractable setup to clip on to my snow uni since it seems to like to commit suicide and jump off cliffs. Go figure.

Not DIY, but I love my Ice Spiker: