Studded 20" Ice Tire

while browsing for ice tires, i came across this. i recall leo wanting a 20" ice tire, don’t know if he still needs one, but here’s one anyways.

That unfortunely is not a ice tyre. It’s a snow tyre.
It wont work in ice; you’ll need studs in the mid path.
Deinflating is no option, as that would make steering even harder.

I recently bought this one: sw336 (26"). I haven’t tried it yet.
I like to compare it with the differences of the wxc300.
But Nokian told me the molding is broken, and they can’t deliver untill half-may.
When I win the lottery, or become too rich, I’ll make a private label tyre with them.

have you tried the any of the schwalbe tires?

yes, I tried that one already.