Stuck fast seat post

My seat post is stuck in the frame you can hardly even twist it to mover seat so that it is facing right direction let alone actually taking out of the frame (which seems impossible)
Does anyone have any tips or even better a solution on how I can sort this out?

Have you tried WD40?

Try dousing it with a penetrating oil like Liquid Wrench, letting it sit for a while, and then working it out by pulling up while rocking it back and forth. If you can move it at all, you should be able to remove it from the tube.

If it’s really recalcitrant, a hammer can help.

I actually put it in using a hammer as it got part way in before getting really tight, maybe wasn’t the best idea i hindsight.

I would try to get it out with a hammer but i need something to fit down the frame shaft to actually knock it out again.

Wd40 and let it set then very gently try and squeeze it out. :slight_smile:

Use another seatpost, turn your frame upside down, Take the wheel out, put the fork legs on something solid and use a hammer to knock the other seat post down through the frame pushing the stuck one out. Make sure you use one that is not too big or it will get stuck again.

This only works on frames that have an open base to the seat tube.


use grease next timee…

Its all good and free now. Used some WD40 (magical stuff) and some oil and a bit of muscle power and eventually it came free, chopped it down now so that it moves easier and doesn’t get stuck as much.
Praise be to WD40 :sunglasses:

I had to use a pipe wrench to get a broken post out of my QU-AX frame. needless to say i chewed up the post and would never have been able to use it again had it not been broken in the first place. I used WD40 and that didn’t do anything, so I used marvel’s mystery oil (best penetrating oil ever) and it still didn’t budge… thats when I went to the pipe wrench. Im glad you got yours out without having to do that.