Stuck Bolt! Help!?!

so the last few days my KH tirals uni has been making a funny noise, kinda like a loose spoke but the spokes are not loose… i decided since i have never antisezed any of the uni its probably time to. took the frame off and started taking the cranks off and well only one will come off the main bolt the ankle bitting one is stuck! i have used as much bruit force and ignorance i could muster to get it off to no avial.


has anyone encountered this? does anyone have any reccomendations?

a little backround on this unicycle, it was bought used and needed a little love and care to get it up to riding quality rim true-ing and such. at the time i also took everything apart and rather then anti seaze i used bike grease on everything.

I assume you are talking about the axle bolt (the one that screws into the axle). The first thing you want to do is make sure you have completely loosened the pinch bolt. As long as the pinch bolt is tight you will not be able to draw the crank off.

The next thing is check for damage to the bolt. Sometimes the bolt will be damaged in such a way that it fuses with the crank a little. If that is the case you can prolly remove the bolt safely using a torque extender.

A torque extender is something that you put on the end of your wrench to effectively make your wrench longer. Since you get more torque with a longer lever (wrench), adding a torque extender should be enough. Take a piece of pipe or some other expendible peice of metal that the 8mm allen can fit in, and turn by putting your hand on the end of that while holding either the tire or the opposite crank. It could be that there is a loctite seal you need to break. Good Luck.

pinch bolt is long off.

tomorrow im going to my LBS to look for a (new) set of super long allen keys.

i never applied locktite to any or the unicycle, though there may have been locktite on the bolt before.

if memory serves me correctly heat also beaks a locktite seal as well?

Nah…why spend money? Check out my newly made 5 seconds ago long 8mm allen…

The new elite model 8mm allen…

Bring the unicycle and ask them for ideas. Most bike shops are experienced in removing stuck bolts.

Look at the crank and see if the nub area is bent. It is possible that the nub area is dented and keeping the bolt from turning or just generally making the bolt stuck.

have you tried penetrating fluid? That usually works.

you’d think putting almost 200lbs of body weight onto an allen key would either loosen the bolt, or break the key.

go figure.

hey hanging-hook-boy, did you get it off yet? :slight_smile:

I would ditch the allen key and get a ratchet with an allen head socket. If that doesn’t work I would try a hand-impact wrench.

sunday i went to three bike shops in the city and they were all closed, ugh!

lilfunky1: no its not off yet, we just are not strong enough it seems.

JLthemanthelegend: “penetrating fluid?” that just sounds dirty :wink: are you talking about WD-40?

that hand impact wrench looks like a fnatastioc idea! nothing like the bruit force of a hammer to get a bolt unstuck!

Darren Bedford is going to attempt to get it off for me whenever i get a chance to hoof it up to his shop.