stuck a few doubleflips (with video)....need some help

I was working on double flips alot today and ive been getting really close. I found that it will flip 1 and 3/4 of instead of 2. I cant seem to get the double spin. Here are some of my better attempts (below). I seem to be continuely doing the same thing, so i think im doing something wrong.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Link to video

You tried, you failed. What’s the lesson here? Don’t try!

That last one looked like it hurt!
You’re really close, just need to get the cranks a liiittle farther forward…I’m sure they don’t actually need to be level, but they can’t be vertical.
Good luck!

Noo, its don’t fail!

now im not a master a flips at all but how your doing looks pretty good for a start… my guess is that you will soon get your flips to spin a little fastr ans you’ll nail it every time…that last one looked like it hurt reall bad ouch!

Get some more pallets… add a couple of inches and you may get the required amount of airtime to complete the last flip. It looks like all of those attempts were pretty consistant, so I don’t think you could much more rotation than that without a couple more days of hardcore practice. If you want to land one tomorrow, I suggest that you just add another pallet.

By the way, that’s insane.

EDIT: Are you using metal pedals? You may want to go get some plastic ones somewhere that don’t weigh as much. That might give you that extra spin you need.

You are pretty close, alot closer than me at least, I think I’ll practice some more after I get my hickflips consistant.
As for tips, there are probably only like 3 people on the forums that can land the double…Other than the obvious answers like hop higher, push harder or get more pallets I think if you practice enough then you will be able to get the rest of the second flip in.
Alex Toms told me that its really a 2 footed trick, push down, out and back with the front foot and kick the back foot up and forward to get it to spin faster. Maybe attempt it on a quarter pipe because it seems like thats how most people learn them.

If you landed one of those (like you are 1 and 3/4 spins) I would say that was a double. Some peoples crankflips are 3/4 of the way round and they are still called flips. Land one, and you will have landed a double.


[edit] your also twisting in the air slightly.

wow thats soooooo close. keep workin and ull have it very soon

ahh. well today i tried some more off a bench with pallets underneath (and a rug to keep my tire from slipping). I ended up snapping my pedal in half and popping my tire. ahh. i think i might take a little break from these. I did get the fall on video. I understand why my pedal broke (i cracked it yesterday), but i have no idea why the tire popped. maybe some else can tell? anyone here it is:

Double Flip breakage

they were really close and that last one had to hurt