Strongest/Strong standard rim?

Im looking into building a really strong 20" but with a standard size rim to fit a 1.50 tire. What would be a good rim to go on it? Im gona be doing stuff like 3 foot drops.

why would u be looking for a small rim/tire combo to do three foot drops on… why not get a beefy rim and trials tire?

i have a profile trials, but i like the skinny tires for spins and other tight manuvers that the trials just cant do.

3 foot drops, use a cheap cycle pro! I dont know of any 20in rims that cant take 3 foot drops.

my cx rim took a lot of them. not sure if it’s supposed to but it definitely did. i think it’s still ok but i haven’t checked to see if it’s bent or not

um well I have a 2x32 20" tire on my trials and I do way bigger drops. But I think it actually might be a 19 " rim

A BMX rim designed for dirt jumping or street jumping will be good. Look for one with a good reinforced box section. And look for one that is wider. Wider is better.

Avoid the lightweight BMX rims designed for BMX racing. Those rims are designed to be light rather than strong. The dirt jumping and street rims are beefy and strong.

A local bike shop that carries BMX bikes will be able to help you pick out a suitable rim depending on how much you want to spend.

A 1.5" tire is pretty skinny even for a freestyle tire. Most people doing freestyle are using a tire at least 1.75" wide and many people are using 2.0" and 2.1" or 2.25" tires. I use a 2.1" Primo Wall tire and it works great for spins.

yeah ok, i got the 1.50 mixed up, i bacicly ment standard tire.

i think for the uni im gona use…

BMX rim
Profile hub/cranks
Primo tire
Snafu pedals
Cusomt frame
Myaita air saddle
kinport handle
tomson rail adapter post

this is gona be a sweet uni!

Are you going to build a 20" or 24" wheel?

The Profile cranks aren’t short enough to really be able to do freestyle with on a 20" wheel. You’ll end up hitting the pedals on the ground when you try to do a spin or try to turn sharp.

It would be better to go with the KH/Onza hub or the maybe the Qu-ax hub. The KH hub and the Qu-ax hub have 127 mm cranks available. If you’re going to be doing freestyleish type riding then the 127’s are going to be much better than 140’s or 145’s or 150’s. The shortest cranks that you can get for the Profile are 145’s.

its not for a freestyle uni, its for a street uni.

Yeah, a street uni that you want to use for spins and other tight maneuvers. 140’s or 145’s are going to be too long for that. You’ll be hitting the pedals on the ground.

The main reason to have longish cranks on a trials uni is so you have leverage when jumping from and landing on off-camber objects like large boulders and such. You don’t ride that type of terrain as much when doing street. With street you’re mostly jumping on flat surfaces. 127 mm cranks will work fine for that and they’ll be short enough that you can do those spins and tight maneuvers without hitting the pedals on the ground.

If you want to go with long cranks then do so. But I’d suggest getting a hub that will give you the option of putting on 127’s later if/when you find the 140’s or 145’s to be too long.

Well i can do spins on my trials wich has 150s. so i figure that it will work with 145s.

Bedford Unicyles has a BMX triple wall 20" rim that will take our 3’ drop +. It’s almost bombproof!

is that the on that comes on the bc wheel?

it looks identical to the airfoil rim just 20"

alex supra g tirple wall is what i have for street, and it’s very good, I also use the kh/onza 127mm crank set, and the short cranks are way better for street than 145’s

what is s i mean like 145s what is that???

145 mm cranks


I think our LBS up here has a complete splined Torker DX wheelset with 125’s.

If you’re interested I’ll find out their price.

i dont really trust a dx hub, my freind Cody swares by them but i think i would break it

il be doing the same stuff a trials goes thrue, just with a thiner tire

use the arrow racing DHX 20" rim.