strongest seat post .. HELP

Hey all, Im sick of always bending/snaping my seat post… so I was wondering what seat pos tis the strongest how much is it ? where do I get it from ? plz try and keep it from eitehr udc or bedford… and yea the seat post has to fit the bedford frames… so I think it’s 22.2 not sure tho :thinking: thanks to all

yea it’s 25.4

I have no idea, but I’ll bet people will say thompson. Is that what you had?

no all I ahve been using is those cheaps allu ones… bedford sales carbonfiber ones … think that would be pretty strong ?

Thompsons are crazy strong and also really light. Thats what Id get.

just get a standard steel post, it wont bend. arn’t thomsons bike style?

where do I get a steel seat post tho ?

get a thomson there the best it wont break but there like 70$. you can get cheaper ones on ebay. you need a rail adapter to

will any rail adapter fit ? or I need a certain kind ?

a rail adapter will break if you’re already breaking seat posts

gosh… so what should I do ? anyone here knows if the carbon fiber seat post is strong ?

What you should do is stop breaking seatposts by improving your technique.

A decent rail adapter shouldn’t break… But if they do, buy a Scott Wallis cf base. They’re expensive but worth it. That, combined with a thomson seatpost, will be stronger than anything you can throw at it.

Ive never broken a seat post how do you do it (so I can avoid it)

crankflips and stairs

I’m going to second this observation. The Wallis CF base is the ultimate upgrade for your unicycle. It negates the need for a rail adapter but gives you all of the freedom of a rail-mounted seat (i.e. adjustable angle). And you’re going to break yourself before you even scratch this base.

If you wanna save about $50 you can get yourself a Primo Rod seatpost… it’s way heavier than the Thomson but comparable in strength.

were and how d I get a swallis base?

just phone darren (bedford unicycles) and get him to make you a thick Chromoly seat post. they are much stronger then regular thin walled seat post. i have seen people break a frame but the seat post didn’t bend even slightly… and it was a 22.2mm so a 25.4 would be even stronger. By the way if you want a rail type just get one from darren (bedford unicycles) if you have a standard 4 bolt design seat then get a KH rail type adapter… if you have a mayata style bolt system then get a mayata adapter.

Umm just make a reinforcment like on mine…

If your doing street you probly wont want a rail adapter, i say get this if you’ve onlt been bending aluminium posts;
Its only 10$ US i think

Having broken 7 different seatposts in 7 different ways, i’d highly recommned the Thomson. Really light, really strong, and it has an adjustable angle :smiley:

Its stood up to a lot of aggressive street and trials riding, and the rail adapter hasn’t proven to be a problem at all.