Strongest rims?

I am contemplainting building a new 24" wheel and apart from the hub issue Pluto started, what is the general opinion of the Forum on the following:

What is the strongest rim available (wide to take a 3" tyre)irrespective of price and perhaps weight? For us ‘Clydesdale’ type riders (good expression John Childs) this is an important issue as our drop off height increases.


Simon Rolph

TheFatController (at) CumbriaMuni (dot) com

The Sun Doublewide is a good strong rim as long as you don’t plan on using a brake. The Doublewide does not have a proper braking surface so is not ideal for use with a brake.

alex rim dx 32 is pretty much bomb proof not sure if it fits a 3 i know it fits a 2.5

The KH24 comes with DX32 and mine has a 3 inch gazza