Strongest 31.8mm 1bolt clamp for trial/street


After hitting my knee on my Brave 1bolt clamp this weekend (whilst trying a 360 unispin in to in) I’m looking for a strong 1bolt clamp to put on my XTP frame.
Anyone has seen a good one for me?
Maybe the Koxx One 1 bolt is good, but I don’t know.
So link me up to your favorite.

Peter M

I’m sure a bmx clamp would work just fine. BTW 31.8mm=1 1/4 inches.

maybe try to salsa lip lock?

I know that their quick releases are great, so maybe their one bolt allens are good too.

Why want you a 1bolt clamp i think that 2bolts are much better!

I use this one on my uni and i love it so far…

The 2005 KH clamps were the shiznit.

I stripped the threads in one of the holes in a 2 bolt clamp I had. I just cut the thing in half and smoothed the edges a bit. Now I Have a 1 bolt and its been working fine, nice and strong. I think it was a KH bolt to begin with.

Have done that myself a couple of weeks ago.
But I want something stylish, waybe I will dremel a curve in the sides or something like that.
We will see.

Peter M

I think filing off as much as possible in the back getting it round would be good for the knees.

Also, Since I can powder coat small parts I get my style fix from changing the color.

I can attest to the Salsa Lip Lock being a great clamp. For the better part of a year, my seat post hasn’t budged using it. The bolts in my old double bolt variety clamp would bottom out and eventually the female threads were stripped out. The Salsa is low profile and rounded. The single bolt is received by a steel barrel nut which pivots while the clamp restricts so the bolt will never be put in a bind. Also, the threaded bolt hole is open ended, so the bolt will never bottom out. A clamp can seem like such a minor thing, but I consider the Salsa Lip Lock one of the best upgrades that I’ve made.

Salsa Lip Lock. Tight clamping, low profile, and nice rounded edges.

The only possible issue is that some models (I’m not sure which years or the current status) have smaller diameter fasteners than other Salsa Lip Locks. The smaller diameter fastener is probably to save weight.