strongest 20" rim

what is the strongest 20" rim you can buy, and what would be the best strongest spokes for it? 36 or 48 holes and what is the strongest crank style isis cotterless etc.

For the rim, the KH 20" rim is gonna come out in April I think, it should be really strong because the other KH rims are strong:). And for the cranks style, ISIS is the best for sure.

The KH rim is strong but the trials rim are actually 19" and will not accept a 20" tire. So are you looking for the strongest 20" freestyle rim or for a trials unicycle?

Right now one of the best 20" freestyle rim is the nimbus double walled rims

Trials (19") KH, Nimbus,

freestyle rim, I got a 48 spoke alex supra e triple wall rim, but I’m not sure if i’m going to use it. being a 48 hole rim , my hub option looks to be only nimbus. Which I suppose isn’t all that bad, its an isis.

That’s why Jacob said that the 20" is coming out in April :slight_smile:

the strongest is prob. the Qu-ax rim(with 48 spokes Ö)
or this one of koxx:
but those rimms are pretty heavy… so if you do trial: go for the KH or koxx:

He asked for strong. Heavy is going to go along with that. But sometimes that’s exactly what you want. If you’re a professional performer, for example, you need tough equipment so it’s less likely to get damaged just before you need it. My Freestyle uni is not light (Wyganowski steel frame, 48 spokes), but it works great and can take quite a beating both when it’s not being ridden, and when it is.

My MUni is too strong. For the way I ride, I’m probably carrying around a lot more wheel weight than I need to. The Sun Doublewide is more rim than I need…

Others have mentioned the new KH 20" flatland rim that is coming and I think that will probably have a good balance of strength and weight. If I was going to build up a strong, wide 20" wheel right now I’d probably use a 20" Alex DX32 rim (less common than the 19" trials rim but available) with a Nimbus ISIS hub.

i would personally go with a bike rim, there are many more options, and the triple walled steel rim will outlast any other unicycle specific rim you could find.

I went with a old 48 hole triple wall 20x1.75 alex supra e rim and i guess my best 48 hole hub option is the nimbus 48 hole isis hub. it seems to come in regular, wide and super wide width. which do i need for a nimbus x 42mm frame.

“wide” is regular. Super wide is for 36ers.’s naming conventions can be confusing. Look at the specs for the hub - you’ll want 100mm spacing between the bearings.