Strongest 16in rim

So yeah, I just wanted to know the strongest 16in rim available. I was looking to build a little 16in up to carry with on on long distance rides so I can sill do trials and street, kind of. The only problem is that I don’t think there is one strong enough seeing as I’m about 180lb. I didn’t know if the nimbus rim would be strong enough, so i figure I’d ask about that in this thread too.


Monty makes 16" rims that would probably fit your need. I can’t think of an online dealer though.

I’ll sell you my monty 19" rim for $25

No thanks, I already have a trials uni. Actually I have two, 19in a dx and a custom. I just wanted to build up a 16in and wanted to see what rim would fit my needs.

Wowowow, typo.

It’s actually a 16", sry.

I was gonna mention that… Good thing you turned that 6 the right way around.

Alright, I think about it danni. I have some money to spend so I might just pick it up soon.