Strong sidewalls!!!

Well, since the quest for Intense tires for my 26 muni failed I was trying to find some other options. Which tire brands are generally known for strong sidewalls? I have heard good and bad about michelin, kenda, and continental, among others. And heck, there is no good guide online about which tires have strong sidewalls that I have seen yet.

Are yiou sure that Intense doesn’t mak e a stiff enough sidewall ?

I have some of the FRO in a 2.35, they are so stiff you can ride them without air!

Intense has the stiffest sidewalls, maybe you need to contact them directkly and get their opinion? The widest Intense is a 2.7"

haha, I tried to find a company to order them and nowhere near me has them in stock. Or can easily order them. I’m just looking to even get somethign otehr than the intense tires- all i want is a strong sidewall. It’s not that I am being difficult, rather I just cant find them easily. Well, the “lite” versions are available, but dual ply would be the smarter choice I thought.

weren’t the intense ones discontinued? I remember something like that being written on uniproshop. thats why terry stocked up on loads.

EDIT: uniproshop has the 24" ones…which are out of production, so maybe the 26" ones are too.

the intense wire bead tires were discontinued. they still have folding bead ones. My problem is that none of the LBS in IL have the things. I dont know if there is an online company I could even find them from… I mean, I can find just the 909 and the world cup lites, pretty much