strong second unicycle...

hey everyone,
i need a little bit of advice, for christmas i got my partner a cheap ebay unicycle because thats all i could afford, i may have a job soon and was wondering what i could get her, she’s been riding a 20" and has managed about 40 feet a few times, she’s getting fairly consistant, however she feels that she needs a more stable unicycle, like my koxx trias that she first tyred unicycling on…

should i get her a club trials?

Or maybe get yourself a new trials and give her your Koxx

I didn’t mean it to sound like that, really.

i don’t know about that, i love my unicycle a bit of alot, i put alott of effort into getting it how i wanted it (powder coating etc)

oh damn, i didnt see your little invisible thing, i was going to say im sure she already has his koxx :stuck_out_tongue:

shameless advertiseing

Buy her this!:

Or anything by the fine people from :wink:

if that’s still available simon, i may be able to buy it soon if i get this job :slight_smile:

Nice one :smiley:

Get her a freestyle :smiley: