strong seatposts

So in my first hour of riding my new CF seat with a reeder i bent my post. I was out riding with evan doing unispins and crankflips down a 2 set and i landed on my reeder and it bent forward…alot. So i am now looking for a new seatpost, I want a strong one but i dont want to use a rail adapter. Does anyone have suggestions? How strong is a gb4?
Oh ya the size is 22.2 so that probably doesnt help strengthwise.

You can do crankflips?

Ya but i cant do full ones, they usually only go around half way, sometimes they go around 3 quarters. Im still working on full ones.

Unispins? Pft, he did it once. Still better than be though…

Right here:

make one of those and it’ll be invincible, though you need to make a couple of mods to the design. (using a miyata post, and making a taper down thing at the bottom so that the forces aren’t concentrated on the seatpost at the bottom of the reinforcement.)

Would i have to use a miyata post? I just drilled my CF base 2 days ago for the other kind. What do you mean by a taper thing?
I am thinging about getting a different frame so i can use a bigger seatpost (either a 25.4 or 27.2) Im thinking those wont bend as easily as a 22.2.

You can try the GB4 post. It is stronger than the other standard seatposts. The post itself is thicker and better steel than other standard posts. The plate at the top is thicker and stronger than others. It has a good weld at the top. But it still suffers from the basic design flaws of all other standard seatposts. Give it a try. The alternatives involve custom welding and modifications.

Isn’t it an option to changing the frame? :slight_smile:

I have bent my 22.2 mm seatpost a couple of times, and that’s on my freestyler!

I have the 22.2 gb4 on a cf base with reeder handle. I broke the seatpost once right at the weld between the tube and the medal plate. I had it welded back together then broke it again right under where it had been welded. I got it re-welded plus some small reinforcing. now its been a few months of heavy abuse and the whole seatpost tube is starting to bend. Its now got a gradual curve the length of the thing.

Its only a matter of time until the whole thing kicks the bucket. However, now that its got the reinforced weld, im pretty happy with how well its held up. Its certainly stronger than any other standard seatpost.

When this one breaks im gonna have to move up to a thompson. I have NO MONEY though so i hope its got a little more life in it. :slight_smile:

no, you wouldn’t. I was assuming you drilled for miyata, but if you didn’t you could get a different kind. That should work.

by taper thing I’m talking about the point where the bottom of the steel plate is welded to teh seatpost. On a previous model of those posts, the post broke in two at that point. If you made a taper like


(sorry, was editing, and it woldn’t let me attach file.)

untitled-1 copy.jpg

Yeah but he bent the post further down, closer to the clamp. Too bad he dosnt know a welder that can weld him things.

I think evan is going to make me a frame so i can use a bigger seat post. I am pretty broke right now so i cant buy alot of stuff. Right now almost all of my unis share the same seat and my trials and freestyle unis share the same frame. I have to use a really short post now so i suck at everything.

CF base and Reeder + weak 22.2 seat post + 45 minutes =

bent seatpost.jpg

Pft, you just suck at keepin your butt on the seat thats all.

my butt stayed on, the seat just moved backward a little and i landed on the handle.

Your proving my point.