Strong seatpost

Today I snapped my second kh aluminium seatpost. :frowning: not happy.
I think I will have to use something stronger now because its starting to get really annoying.
What are my options? I dont want a thompson seatpost because they are really expensive and you need a rail adaptor which is extra weight. I was looking on and the only seatposts in the right diameter are made of aluminium. Does anyone know the difference between the regular kh/try-all seatposts and the reinforced ones? Am i still gonna break a reinforced one?
Can you get chro-mo seatposts in the 27.2mm diameter?

Any other sugestions would be greatly appreciated.



Standard seatpost:
Reinforced seatpost:

Municycle will have the cromoly one you just have to email them. UDC UK also have the cromoly one. Dont waste you money on anothe alu one. The main differance between the two is the re-enforced one has and extra weld.

I broke a KH alu and a reinforced kh alu in 2 days. The BEST option is the CrMo one sold by UDC UK for £9. Because it is easily bendable you can bend it back into shape if it comes out of it.


The adjustability you get with a rail adaptor is well worth the little weight it adds.