strong cotterless cranks?

I was wondering wat the strongest square taper cranks on UDC are. Im trying to figure out parts for a trials uni for him, and he only weighs like 60 pounds. Or would splined be better?
I found these on UDC, are they good? the only thing is that there pretyt short, becuase he would also do MUni on them.

60 Pounds? Wow. Cotterless should hold up well. Depending on his inseam length, the 125mms should be ok. Those cranks look nice :)!

how would tey be for MUni? I have 145s on my kh trials that i use for muni, and i was thinking that 125s would be a bit short, and those seem like the strongest nonsplined.

They would be short, but ridable.

If he’s a small guy, which it sounds like he is, then a 20" with 125’s would be good for MUni.

ok thanks.

Koxx1 has a selection of non-splined cranks?
look for those, they should be quite strong.

I have some Bike Euro cranks on a UDC wide hub, and they are quite strong. I find myself doing things on my freestyle that I shouldn’t really be doing - I think they’d be fine for light trials use, especially at shorter lengths and for light people.

What trials uni does he have/will he get?