Strong and affordable rim?

So I have a history with bending my rims after jumping off of stuff.

But anyways I am wanting to build a 26" unicycle for transport and also muni if I feel like it. I’ve been searching for a strong, light, and affordable rim. I was thinking about the 26" Kris Holm freeride rim but haven’t heard much about it so any info on what’s a good rim and what isn’t would be really helpful.

And I’m trying to keep it under or near to $80

For a diskbrake take a look at the dartmoor raider rim.
Its a very nice, light and strong rim. Price should be 75$ afaik.

If you’re running a rim-brake you’ll need to take a look at the Dartmoor Fortress (bit heavier and of course stronger). Lot of colour-options :slight_smile:

i am 220 pounds and i have been riding a nimbus domninator 2 rim for street and MUni for 6months. its a strong rim and 55usd