Strong 24" wheel build - spokes

well I’ve decided on the KH 07 rim but I’m not sure which type of spokes will be suterble, I’ve heard people say about thicker, stronger spokes. Does anybody have any sugestions? :slight_smile:

If you aren’t a super weight weenie, Use DT champs. Its going to be the wheel build that determines the strength of the wheel. Make sure to stress it a lot.

what type do you recon I should use?

Ahem. :roll_eyes:

what style of dt champs! :wink:

dt, wheelsmith sapum, and marwi are all good options.
just dont get no name overseas spokes

and get a tension gadge if you are building it yourself, but i recomend paying a good wheel builder to do it instead

and get brass nipples

yeah I’ll get LBS to build it, also anybody know of a uk store wich sell good bramd spokes? :slight_smile:

I can’t find the DT ones on a uk site, anybody know of a uk retailer that sells them?

In my experince local bike shops arent so good at building wheels, They dont stress the spokes and they arent always even tension. I would say your best bet (if you are somewhat handy with tools) is to build it yourself, take a lot of time, and do it right.

I am ushualy good with tools and stuff but I realy don’t trust my self with spokes, so what i’ll do is get them to do the spokes then i’ll tighten them with a spokey

A good LBS will be able to supply high quality spokes, and build the wheel for you. However I have no idea about any good LBS in Guildford.

I think I bought DT (if not a similar quality from a different manufacturer) from ibike in Crowthorne ( no idea about their wheel build quality as I build my own, however there bike advice has always been good. There are a few good bike shops all close to Swinley Forest.


My spokes are coming for the LM rim and Profile hub on Thursday! Im going to build the wheel myself. It doesn’t look to hard. I looked online and went to that one dude’s site, and it explains everything. Plus Ill be looking at my old 36 spoke, 3 cross wheel for guidance.

Lacing the wheel is the easy part, the skill is only in the tensioning.

Evans Cycles will do you Sapim spokes which are good (they probably do DT too), but not cheap.

Alternatively, will do you sets of DT spokes for about a tenner by mail order. If they have double butted ones in the right size, then get those, but otherwise get the plain gauge.

Here is how to build a wheel

When you say you’re going to get the shop to build it, then tighten it with a spokey, you’re basically saying that you’ll pay them to do the easy bit (lacing the spokes), and then do the hard bit (tightening the spokes) yourself. Seriously, the lacing part is super easy, tightening is not so easy, but if you follow the instructions it isn’t that hard.


Building a wheel from scratch is not as easy as some on this forum make it out to be. My family owned a bicycle shop for over 25 years and the one item my dad loved/hated to sell was a spoke wrench. He hated it because even though he’d explain how to use it, 99% of the time the customer would screw the wheel up. He loved it because 99% of the time the customer would screw the wheel up and bring it to us to repair.

Musketman, I’m not going to tell you not to build it yourself but be careful when you tension (pull up) the spokes and when you true the wheel. To true a wheel correctly your going to need access to a decent truing stand. If you don’t have access you should probably have your LBS true it for you. Wheel building and truing is a skill learned by trial and error. Considering what you paid for your LM rim you don’t want to screw it up. When truing, be especially cautious not to create flat spots. Even though the LM rim is expensive it’s not flawless. Mine had a bit of a flat spot at the seam that I had to spend extra time working out. Good luck and feel free to PM me if you need help.

I have confidence In my skills. I have trued my wheel up a bunch of times, and I can say it’s trial and error there. If I get in a “dither” Ill quit and have someone else do it, Or Ill get help.

It’s hard to true a wheel without instructions. Fortunately, thanks to Sheldon Brown, we have a fantastic set of instructions.

Also, in terms of truing stands, a unicycle frame makes a pretty good truing stand. Unicycle wheels aren’t that hard to build because they are symmetrical, unlike bike back wheels.


I would agree it takes several wheel builds to get good at it and know the steps.

If you have the money, take it to a lbs. If you want to learn how to do it for the future, give it a shot, its a blast.

Come to BUC and there is at least one if not two wheel builing workshops going on. (not by me this time - cry of relief from everyone!)


Thanks for all the help guys, I realy appreciat it :slight_smile:

The main reason for me not wanting to build the wheel myself is because part of the reason for my current rim messing up was because I think I built it wrong.

Oh yeah another question:

UDC calulator says I need 234.21mm spokes (KH isis hub + 24" KH freeride rim) So I’m going to get 234mm Silver 2mm DT campion spokes. Anybody think this won’t work?

@Roger: I can’t go to BUC :frowning: