Stripping Koxx frames like KH

I don’t own a Koxx-1, or a KH, so this is completely out of general unicyling interest. I see lots of people stripping the paint off their KH frames to leave the raw aluminium and I was just wondering whether this works the same with the Koxx-1 frames (or any other frames for that matter). Has anyone tried it? Would it look like the Dan Heaton street frame or not?


i stripped my koxx frame before i painted it again, it looked really cool, ill post a picture later, cause im off to school. haha

Awesome I’d like to see it

Are k1 frames not steel? If you stripped them wouldnt they rust? Idk I dont ride a k1.

yeah they are steel well the devil frames are. If your gonna paint it i’d recomend you simply rough up the powdercoat so the paint sticks better onto it. If you want to get it clear coat it in a few coats of a nice strong varnish.

Yea I know the K1 frames are steel so you’d definitely have to clear-coat it. Because it doesn’t form a protective oxide layer like the aluminium KH frames (yes I was listening in chemistry :smiley: )

Kris that frame looks pretty sweet. I guess for the trouble of stripping it (and not repainting it) though you’re better off just getting the DH frame. Depending on how you want it to look.

i did it to my old torker :slight_smile:
it looked really cool cuz i faded into the paint a little at the bearing holder and the cranks and stuff are black… :slight_smile:

EDIT: i clearcoated it with a clear spray paint, and it didn’t work perfectly, there were still rust spots, be sure to use a WATER PROOF paint.

Haha that looks wicked Skrobo! I see you upgraded your Torker a bit. Is that the old KH crankset?

Kris.Lee: What colour did you do your frame? Post some pictures if you’ve got any. I’m always interested in uni colour schemes :slight_smile:

thats looks sweet kris, i’m tempted. But i think i can’t be bothered actually :slight_smile:

i did it balck.

i paitned mine orange, but it’s all scratched and looks pretty rough now. Did you use primer before painting it kris? and how many coats? or did you use a primer less paint like hamerite?

thats my old uni. it started out as an 05 dx…20" broke the frame, got the 07 frame, got a nimbus rim/trials tire setup. and KH seat.

i ride a stock(so far) KH right now.

i used primer, then 2 or 3 coats with black paint. then 2 coats of clear-coat

That looks sweeeet! I like it. Did you use spraypaint?


thats realy cool.

haha! :slight_smile:

i love koxx jokes…

hehe. koxx jokes are sweet
-no offence to you koxx guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha yup you gotta love them!