Stripping colour off riding shoes...

yo, whats up. I recently found a pair of these mr.happy adidas shoes just lying around in a box, so i decided to pick em up and use them for riding. i love the sole for digging into metal pins, but one downside: a horrible colour!

Does anyone know how I may be able to remove the yellow colour? I think the material may just be synthetic leather with a yellow dye on top. What kinds of household liquids can remove this, and expose white underneath? Perhaps rubbing in some sort of alcohol/white spirit or even bleach may do the job?

How about paintstripper? like nitromors or is that too extreme.

Sandpaper would take ages, lol.

just a random question, but yeah, im conscious of my image when riding. I dont wana promote the clown image to the public :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks bros

you might do better to try and re-dye or paint the shoes over the top with white, rather than remove the yellow which may well be right through the fabric

Just apply a darker colour dye over the top. Use of bleach may cause chemical damage to the material and/or stitching. Or get some different shoes :wink:

Those are awesome! Why would you want to change the colour? :thinking: :smiley:

Exactly what i was thinking :smiley:

I totally agree, those look totally sweet. If you really wanted to you could duct tape them.

those things are completely awesome. I dont think you should change them at all.

I wouldn’t wear them, reminds me of the lime green shoes I see a few of the “Gangster” kids wearing at my school, you know the kids who wear their pants below their ass cheeks.

except he actually is a gangster! hes on a unicycle.

i like those shoes…
i would wear them…
… gangsters wouldn’t be caught dead in those… they have smilie faces on them… and they are not BLINGY

Those shoes are sick! I want a pair.

May i suggest black electrical tape, in case you ever change your mind

yea i know where can i get a pair

they wear ice creams

Don’t destroy the shoes. They’re too cool (is cool the right word?) to destroy. Give them to someone who will wear them for what they are.

Adidas press release about the Adicolor series

Adidas pictures of the Adicolor series including a green pair with Kermit the Frog and a pink pair with Miss Piggy.

Be proud. Be yellow. Be Mr. Happy.
(too bad they’re too small for Harper)

what size are they by the way

i like the color man, they were a pretty good pickup…but if you do want to change the color and it is fabric just use a bleach and if its vynal you may have to paint them or just put a few vivid coats on them …

Seriously those are cool, I love yellow, I will offer to buy them off you if you don’t want them and they are the right size.