Stripped Splined Cranks

Recently my Torker’s splined cranks were destroyed. This is one of my oldest unicycle’s, and I hate to admit it, but i think in my excitment i put the pedals on the wrong cranks. Needless to say the cranks are now stripped. So I journey to to hopefully find some replacement cranks, and it turns out, SPLINED CRANKS ARE LIKE HUNDEREDS OF DOLLARS. I just unloaded a whopping 400 dollars for my new Coker (which the cheapo pedal that came with it cracked in half, which was the reason I was trying to take the pedals off my Torker anyway) and I cannot afford any of the cranks on their website.

Can anyone help me please? Not that I don’t like riding my Coker everywhere, but every once in a while i still need my 20 inch fix.


Re: Stripped Splined Cranks

“thejuggler24” <> writes:

There is a method for repairing threads that invovles cutting wider
threads in the stripped part and screwing in a thread repair helix
(coil). I don’t know if it is available for cranks, but you could ask
at a bike shop.

Good luck.


For instance

You can do this process at home if you have a power drill, i’ve heard of it being used for cranks before, it’s very effective and permeanent but you do need the kit to fit them rather than just buying a couple of the coils. They usually go under the name of ‘helicoil’.


We stripped the pedal part of my freinds CX and took it to our LBS and he retapped the threads and it worked just fine.

WHen you say splined cranks are hundreds of dollars,wich particular ones were you looking at?I dont think theres many 10 splined cranks out there.

You can get the cranks helicoiled. Those are the thread inserts that kington99 (Dave) linked to. The problem with bike cranks is that you need a reverse threaded insert for the left crank. That means you need a reverse threaded tap also. The better bike shops with a full service repair shop will have the necessary thread inserts and taps to repair the pedal threads. If you’re near Toronto, Darren Bedford also has the necessary tools.

Also check the Torker catalog that the bike shops have. You should be able to buy replacement cranks from Torker. Ask a bike shop that carries the Torker unicycles and can order from the Torker catalog. should also be able to find out (just because it’s not in the online catalog doesn’t mean they don’t have it or can’t get it). I don’t know what the cost would be for replacement Torker DX cranks. Shouldn’t be too much given the cost of the DX unicycle. It would be crazy if the cranks were half the cost of the entire unicycle.

Figure out which option is cheaper.

oh so thats what happening with mine oh ok. thx and man it sucks when that happens. i couldnt figure out whats up with mine. I’m there for u man. I know ive looked a replacment cranks and their so expensive. u might as well by a new uni. which isnt that bad but when have to because u screwed up the pedals. it make me so angry now.

Here is a good source of the repair kit you’ll need (for $69):

Plan on using some red (high strength) loctite to install the inserts into the crank arms. The repaired cranks should be stronger than the originals.