stripped KH seat hex bolt hole

On one of my KH seats the hex bolt spins in the plastic seat base, i.e. the hex-shaped indent in the plastic is no longer holding the bolt from spinning as it’s being tightened underneath.

Anybody have this problem? Anybody got a quick and dirty (or slow and clean for that matter) solution?


Take a hacksaw and cut a slot into the end of the bolt. Then you can tighten or loosen the nut by holding the bolt still with a standard screwdriver and turning the nut normally.

If you want to remove the nut entirely, either do that and get a screwdriver that fits inside the nut or grip the bolt with vicegrips.

Also if you get a pair of vice grips and grab the nut, pull it away form the seat as you turn it and it may well get enough friction between the bolt head and the seat base to stop it spinning while you get the nut off. Or just take the seat apart, grab the head with vice grip to undo it and replace with a coach bolt if the bolt is rounded, or a new support plate if it’s that that has rounded.

Ouch. Kind of sounds like fun but…

The slot idea is good, but I’d have to take off the seat-cover to tighten the bolts under the seat, in this case, a nut and bolt through the front handle.

What I had in mind was somehow fastening the bolt in there, permanently if necessary. Would Gorilla Glue work?