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My 20" no name ‘muni’ is in a state of deadness as I write. It’s depressing. Being a university student with no car and no need to catch a bus (everywhere is within a few kilometres of where I want to go in town) I ride my uni everywhere, and pretty much every day. Ive bashed my little chrome 20 inch - I use it for travel around town and university, trials stuff (park benches, stairs etc etc) and more recently I’ve aquired a taste for dirt.
I’m currently trying to organise either a KH24 or a custom frame from a local engineer who built one for a friend I just met on a ride :).

Anyhow, in the meantime, I cant ride anywhere due to a slight problem. Where my crank attaches to the hub (a square shape) the hub has rounded off from too much hopping and tourque pressure, and as a result it wobbles and moves a hell of a lot. The whole crank actually fell off going down a set of 5 stairs the other day ;eading to an ugly UPD.

The uni is unrideable, but I have almost got one foot riding :)…

My bike shop says they cant get a unicycle hub in … and I cant order from as i dont own a credit card…so what can I do to fix it?

anyone had to deal with this before?

Re: Stripped Hub

I’d email John at…I’m sure he’d take a money order or a check

Can you give someone (friend or family member) cash in exchange for them ordering the hub for you with their credit card? They can just put your address as the delivery address.

if you’re in australia then maybe can get you a hub and take a cheque? or ask andrew carter on here if he knows where to get one, given he works in a bikeshop in Australia that sells unis. You can’t have to mail order from America just to get a standard unicycle hub to the US?

If you can’t find a replacement hub & cranks, then find someone who is a welder and get them to weld the cranks onto the taper pretty solidly. If you’re at university, ask an engineering student if they could get it welded up cheap for you. This means you can’t replace cranks without a wheel rebuild, but you can’t anyway as the hub is trashed. Oh, if the frame has lollipop bearing holders you might not be able to remove the hub from the bearing holders after doing this, however if you’ve been riding stairs etc. and the first thing to break was the hub, then you probably have normal bearing holders anyway.


Re: Stripped Hub

Ya- I twisted my United hub- but totaly destroyed the axle by riding home on a loose crank. If it wiggles, don’t jiggle- walk.


Rhysling, Thats a lesson I definatly won’t need to learn again :).
It looks like I can send a money order to the states so I might have my new kh24 in a few weeks. Until then I might be getting an eng. student to weld it up for me.

Once I have my 24 I don’t know what ill do with my 20, prob just use it for freestyle stuff and teaching friends…

And as for getting someone to build me a custom frame, what do you guys think of this one? This is a guy I met in my town whilst uni’ing at the university, and He gave me his number, so hopefully We can go for a ride someplace…but the uni looks pretty awesome:

apparently it will cost me about $600-$800 to get the frame made up. It’s chro-mo steel and looks a treat…kinda similar to a Hunter…but more extreme. He has it all set up with a 3 inch gazz tyre, profile hub and Disk Brakes! In the photo he is at the polaris mountain bike challenge…
What do you think?

that unicycle looks very nice.
if you can afford it then get one.

that hub must be custom too
i seem to remember kris holm saying he couldn’t get a disc brake hub made yet


I’m sure we could figure out a way to get a replacement hub to you from the bike shop. Even if you’re getting a muni you’ll probably still want a 20" for freestyle and maybe trials. It’s just a basic hub and mine bent at about 3’ drops but I didn’t have the same problem as you. Either way, it’d be fine for freestyle. Maybe send me an email if you want to sort something out.

Gabe’s going to join me in a 24hr mountain bike race in Apri. I didn’t know he had Profiles…I thought he had that hub specially made.


So andrew, you know gabe?
He just moved into my town and I’ll call him soon to go muni’ng hopefully…
I think it was a profile hub, but I’m not sure. Either way it would cost a lot to get the hub built with the disc brakes.

Gabe was saying the one big problem he had with it was that it didnt really have a spot for one foot skills…but then hes got a freestyle uni for that.
Me being a poor student type I can only afford one uni so I think a KH24 may end up being the cheaper, more effective option.
Which 24hr race? Is it being held in queensland? I read some stuff about it online. Gabe said he was looking for a partner to do the next polaris with… maybe we could organise a four man team :slight_smile: ?

Samuel! That unicycle looks cool to me. I even love it. Nice photo of all.



That’d be great! Could you make it to the 24hr in April? It’s from the 12th to the 13th and starts and finishes at 12:00 noon. Who’s the 4th member of the team? Actually, we might be able to arrange a 4 man team because Gabe’s definately in and I’ve asked Wayne as well (he hasn’t got back to me yet). Wayne (van Wijk) is the president of AUS if you didn’t know.


I may be able to amke it, thats the beginning of my (and gabe’s) university holidays…where is it at?
I was thinking maybe David J Mason - from toronto (djm)…if hes up for it…
Hopefully I’ll have my 24 inch by then :), be it a kh24 or a custom…

Sounds good to me…the more the merrier. Wayne won’t make it because he’s on a big holiday around the world until April.