Stripped Cranks Threads (where pedal attaches)

We seem to have stripped the threads where the pedal goes in, on our cheap learner unicycle. I was wondering if bike stores would carry square taper cotterless cranks or if I’m better of ordering of UDC. We are not ready to get a new unicycle, just to fix this darn crank :frowning:

Everyone loves pictures :slight_smile:

Bike shop should be able to order them in, however UDC might have a better price and you might also see it sooner.

The same thing happend to me. I would go ask a bike shop if they don’t then go to udc. and if your planing on using this uni for a wile still then get the more expensive one’s

Edit: this would last longer than the united one’s

Their trying to re-thread it, we’ll see how that turn out.

who cuz if you think of it just for a min I don’t think it will work and aren’t your crank’s all bent??
they look like it in the pic

lol. Those cost as much as most splined cranks, and united cranks are fine. I like them for freestyle because of the square profile to stand on. Cheaply made is, in this case, better.

but united cranks bent like butter

justt get a new hub and cranks ISIS :smiley:

The LBS generally doesn’t carry crank arms short enough for unicyclist’s needs. I asked mine what the shortest square taper cranks they could order were and they said 165mm…but they do have some handy tools :wink:

Nick, stop trying to talk him into a new unicycle.

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and it’s for his sister I bet that he rides a new kh wen she gets the bend like butter mobile

…you linked to the wrong site.

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I do, but she gets the shizzy model because when she can prove she can at least hop up stairs then we’ll talk. We not really, she can buy her own stuff. :roll_eyes:


sorry pete:p

the same thing happened to me too. to both cranks of a unicycle we got from :thinking:

eh kinda late in replying but u could always do what I did. drill a hole in the pedal and tap it then get some washers and bolt that sucker back on there. haha not very reliable but its a cheap fix.

Yeah this is a recurring problem for me, I…
-Got a bike-shop to re-thread it (all good so far)
-engineer to wield pedals on (ok but have snapped unless done both sides)
-buy ‘lock-tight’ (metal glue) as a preventative strategy