Striped thread on Miyata frame

I was recently changing the tire on my 24" miyata. Of course I completely forgot about not overtightening the fram bolts. One of them I sheared off, and one of the others I messed the threading in one of the holes.

So now I have two problems:

I need a new bolt
I need to have the frame re-threaded.

Anyone have any experiecne with this?

can you get a longer bolt, and put a nut on the other side?

This is probably going to be the easiest thing to do with the stripped thread, drill out the hole progressivelu until it is clear of any remaining thread and then put a correct sized bolt in. You could try drilling and tapping the thread to the next size up if you have access to that kind of equipment, just try in both cases to not remove too much metal. To get a new bolt go to your nearest hardware store.