Stressed by Cars

That’s the one rule for bicycles that I don’t obey… when out and about in town I always ride on the sidewalk. I don’t see any harm in doing that, since the principle reason for not allowing bikes on sidewalks is because bike speeds aren’t safe for pedestrians. Not the case with my uni.

Even then I get nervous. A few months ago a van almost wrecked because they were staring at me instead of the road. They came to a screeching halt and lost control. Fortunately they didn’t collide with anything. I hear reports from time to time of cars running off the road and striking pedestrians, so given the gawk at the unicycle factor I worry about stuff like that.

Then there’s the people that are out to give you trouble. I’ve had people honk, shout, passengers leaning out of the window, people tossing things… all in an effort to get you to fall. I never did understand the mentality behind those types.

That’s one of the reasons I’m trying to take up muni. No traffic and the people that do talk to you while you are out on the trails talk to you like you are a human being, etc.

Edit: Oh, and when out riding around traffic I always WALK the uni across crosswalks. People are crazy and better safe than sorry.