Strenth of Qu-ax ISIS hubs

How does the Qu-ax ISIS hub compare to the KH moment hub in terms of strength? Am I right to think that ISIS axles are a standard size so any strength difference is in the flanges? Can you buy the Qu-ax hubs seperatly anywhere?

I know you can get the qu-ax hubs seperate from the cranks on, but I’m not sure about the strength. I think that because they only come in 48 spoke, there aren’t too many options for getting rims, so people tend to stay away from it. This is only my assumption anyways, somebody please correct me if I’m wrong.

You are talking about the Splined Hub 48 hole, not the isis sorry i’m not sure how strong the isis hub is, but the cranks are cool, i have only riden them a bit though i dont have my own yet. Isis is a standard amount of splines and size basically so you should be able to mix any isis components with other bits. hope that helps a little

Haha, I figured I was wrong.

I’m just hoping i’m vaguely right, sponsored rider by them ha

Egon (the big Qu-Ax guy) says that the Qu-Ax ISIS hub should be as strong as the KH moment, the moment cranks are stronger than the Qu-Ax ISIS though. The Hub should be available from MDC and UDC soon, price will be around 30 euros.

Dustin do you have a translation of your interview with Egon?

Not all ISIS hubs are created equal, just like not all square taper hubs are created equal. The strength will depend on the quality of the material, the care taken with the manufacturing and other more subtle factors.

The ISIS hub used on the entry level Qu-ax has a larger diameter hole for the crank bolts than the KH ISIS hubs use. This means the Qu-ax hub has less metal and is therefore likely to be weaker than the KH. The Qu-ax cranks are also far less chunky than the KH moment or Onza tensile cranks which may affect strength.