Strenth limit for Jetset black double-walled alloy downhill rim

Will the rim found on this be strong enough to take large drops?

As it’s double walled, eyeleted and described ad a downhill rim I would say yes. Also Roger doens’t pick crap components. Go as big as you like.

will do, thanks (for all the questions I’ve asked lol)

The rim will handle large drops, the cranks will most likely not. It is not a splined unicycle so you are stuck with square taper cranks which almost inevitably bend/break on big drops. Kookas were about the only square taper cranks I ever used which didn’t bend (but they did loosen and they are not manufactured anymore as far as I know).

The jetset rim is fairly bomb proof unless you have one of the ancient ones from the batch where the manufacturers mistakenly put a groove on the rim. If buying one second hand steer clear of any jetset rims with a groove on the braking surface.

dw Mine has a KHM

How high of a drop do you think a DX can take (2006)

higher than you will want to try. Skrobo took one off a 14 set (into sand though)

I did and its bent now!

what did you do

that wasn’t a 14 set
it was a 10 set
maybe 11 set if you count the step 1/2 buried in sand
and it was sand, sand is like the ultimate momentum absorber, you can’t even jump very high on it w/ your feet.

did that make sence?

1.5 ft. or 1.5 meters?

Much smaller drops. I’d say half the hight or less.

that means 20cms drops for me again till aprill! :smiley: fab

edit: cause the spokes and rim are bad