Strength of cotterless cranks?

My semcycle XL 20" freestyle unicycle has cotterless crank arms and i was wondering how strong they are. Can they hold up against cranks flips, revs, and unispins (i cant do crank flips yet but i want to start working on them.)? because i dont want to strip or damage the cranks. Would it be smarter to work on these on my onza trials? (oh ya i am not very big, around 5’1" and less than 100 lbs).

The cranks are plenty strong. It’s the axle you have to worry about. At your weight, you might go a very long time before having any problems though. It’s all a matter of technique. Metal fatigue is a matter of repetition, not about how hard you land once or twice. says most of the run-of-the-mill cotterless crank hubs are rated to 10 inches or less by riders weighing 150lbs. Unispins should be no problem, they’re also a standard freestyle trick. Can’t say anything about the others though, since I haven’te even tried them.

Crankflips won’t hurt the unicycle that bad.(or they shouldn’t anyways)

I did 3 foot drops on my sun 20" and was alot bigger than you so i believe it should be fine.


P.S. Good luck on the flips.

Ok thanks, im going to try some tonight. Hopefully i can land a half crank flip.

I would just try doing full flips. I dont know if half flips would help. BUt hey thats just me.


Do you have any tips for them? i can do full revs and half back revs. When i try them later i will probably do them forward.