Strength of a Torker LX

I was just wondering what the strenght of a Torker LX is? I don’t expect to jump stairs with it or anything, but you know how about hopping around or something? Maybe a drop from a bench or something? Can it handle this or would it probably bend/break the axle/hub?

it should hold up

they tend to be pretty strong

Torker LX

The Torker LX is a good unicycle for the price. :slight_smile: It is not designed for high drops (more than a curb) however. Depending on your weight and landing style, your cranks will bend sooner or later. You’ll bend lots of cranks before you ruin your spindle. The frame is heavy. You won’t damage it. The seat is good. It is a great beginners unicyle and you can learn a lot on it, including one footing and all the freestyle stuff. Hope this helps. Happy unicycling :sunglasses:

Re: Torker LX

Actually, I snapped an axel on my LX, and I’ve never bent a crank. I think it depends on the rider. I agree that the LX is a very good cycle for beginners and people who want a cheap freestyle cycle. I wouldn’t try dropping off of anything higher then a foot though.


It depends a lot on how heavy you are and how good your technique is. If you’re a lightweight and have good technique then you can jump off of benches with no immediate damage to the hub or cranks. If you’re a heavyweight and have poor technique then you could break the hub with just one jump off a bench.

Jumping off things bench height and higher gets to be a bit iffy with the hub on the Torker LX. You can do it and the unicycle will survive, but you have to land softly. And even then, eventually the hub will break from cumulative abuse like that. I’ve seen lesser unicycles jump off picnic tables and stages and survive. The riders in those drops were lightweights. I don’t recommend doing that because the hub is eventually going to break with that kind of abuse.

Riding down curbs, hopping up curbs, hopping up stairs, and rolling down short sets of stairs should be fine as long as you’re not a big heavyweight.

There’s the Torker DX if you want to do more aggressive freestyle riding.

In agreeance with John. I have a Torker LX and it’s withstood many drops down between 1 foot and 1 foot 4 inchs or so. Jumping up that height as many times as dropping down. Many jumps up and down stairs as well as being thrown down stairs when I fall. It has withstood me trying to pedalgrab endlessly. It’s beginning to show wear where the pedals connect to the cranks and that’s all. It’s a nice unicycle. I can tell another 3 months of this and it will be time for a new uni though. 6 months for a learner is alright in my book.

Yeah, thanks for the responses. When I meant benches I usually meant hopping a pedal up there really, not the whole uni. So it would actually take about 10" off the drop.

I’m not sure if I’m lightweight or not? I weigh 140-150 it varies week to week. I guess for 24 years old I am, so maybe thats good.

Drops like that would be well within the bounds of a Torker LX given your weight. The Torker LX will do fine for what you want to do.

The problem with full on drops where you’re up on top of a bench and jumping off, or up on top of a picnic table and jumping off, is that it is very easy to do those kinds of drops with very poor technique. When people first start doing drops they often stiffen up and do what I call a lawn dart landing. I don’t know if you’re old enough to remember the old lawn darts from your childhood. Poor technique is stiffening up the body before then landing and then sticking the landing like a lawn dart. That type of landing puts the absolute maximum amount of impact force on the hub and cranks.

Proper technique is to roll out the landing and collapse the body as you land. You relax the body as you get ready to land. As soon as the wheel touches the ground you start pedaling forward while at the same time absorbing the impact with your legs. Then you collapse the upper body and fold over at the waist to absorb even more of the impact.

There is a big difference between the forces exerted on the hub when doing a lawn dart landing and when doing a proper roll out landing. I don’t know the real world numbers, but I’d figure that a lawn dart landing from a bench can be worse on the hub than doing a really smooth 3.5 foot drop with a good roll out and a good body collapse.

Unfortunately you have to do some lawn dart landings while you learn how to do the roll out landings. And even after you know how to do the roll outs you’ll still do a few lawn darts because you’ll mess up and land off balance.

That’s why it is so hard to give absolute numbers on what the maximum recommended drop height for a unicycle like the Torker LX. It depends so much on the rider and their technique.

my friend has a torker cx and hes jumped off plenty of picnic tables and its held up fine. hes even done a four foot drop with it. Probably sometime the cranks will bend, but it held up really well. So i would imagine an lx would do just as well if not better.

It would be fine for hopping around and small drops.
But i bent the axle on a 3 1/2 foot drop once,and eventaully snapped it in half on a 12 inch drop.

I dont know how you guys land but Ive done plenty of drops on my lx 24" ive even done 4 fters and only one of my cranks are bent a tiny bit.

Dude that sucks ass i was gonna get one of those for christmas, no im reconsidering

what if i weigh like 170 then what can it hold up too?
o yeah i have horrable technigue, but what is the right techingue supposed to looke like could someone please post a few pictures on this forum or the gallery but not a movie, so i can practice

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