[StreetTrialFlat] "Kristihimmelfart"

I made this video when Sigurd aka Unigurd visited me… we had a good time. unfortunately I hurt my so I couldn’t be in the video :angry:

cool vid, keep it up!

Haha, great! You’re a good editor. :slight_smile:

very entertaining :slight_smile:

Gosh Unigurd, I didn’t realize you were such a beast! You should make more videos.

Sick video

good stuff.

Awesome… I’ll Pm you abou something later on :wink:


Hah, as if we don’t all know what it’s about :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool video. You guys all have pony-tails :stuck_out_tongue: Nice doubleflips.


Ha, I didn’t figure that out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. :smiley:

Now I’m not sure if I figured it out. hmm… :roll_eyes:

EDIT: I’m pretty sure that I didn’t figure it out. I just misread what you wrote. :stuck_out_tongue: