StreetSomeFlat - Tirryn Nankivell 2010

Hey everyone!
Haven’t made a video in quite a while, so here it is!
I’m very happy with the video, i enjoyed lots making it too. Riding consists of mainly street, and a few flatland clips cause i like flat. It is reccommend that you turn up your BASS! for maximum enjoyment, or just use some good headphones that allows you to hear the bass more, i just think it makes the video better.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

This was an awesome birthday present :stuck_out_tongue: Your riding is epic.

one question for me!
why the hell did you had ugly black corners when editing your video?
it looks just sooooo ugly, but that’s only my point of view…

Haha sorry About that, when I was editing it I put a small cookie cutter on it but when I rendered it, it did that for some reason maybe try watching in
Full screen.

fake fisheye ftw!! :stuck_out_tongue: lawl

what? putting the cookie cutter on it is what removed the corners isnt it? whats the render got to do with it?

edit: forgot to comment on the video. good riding man! ur improving really nicely :slight_smile:

I thought the riding was really cool and the video i really enjoyed a lot.
Cant wait for your next video!

Great video! I loved it:D

Double backflip was awesome! I had to watch 1:22 again, it was so clean I wasn’t sure what had happened:) Flips up the 3 set and down the 4.5 set were crazy! I liked all the riding though

The editing and filming was really good too

Nice ride guy, thank you ! :smiley:

Actually used a real fish eye for some clips. :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome video man, loved the 5 set flip, the trey drop and the double gap. everything else was great too. 1:22 also blew my mind, looks amazing.

cant wait to ride with you again

I’ve watched it a few times and I just now noticed that you pushed off the wall for the rolling wrap! Creative, I like it.

that was a pretty beastly vid :stuck_out_tongue: i really liked the trey off the ledge and crankflip-bayflip :smiley: very sexy at 2:28 too btw:p