I was interested in street unicycling and I have a trials with a 2.5 in tire, is this good for street, or is a freestyle uni better?

Hey. Trials is definitely the way to go. The only street rider who I’ve seen ride something smaller is Anthony Hibbing, who rides a triple wall rim that has a 2.1 tire on it. And hes riding the new Kris Holm hub/cranks. So hes still pretty beefed up. So yeah, Stick with trials I’d say.


evan just made himself a street with like a 1.95… and shaun johanson used to use a DX i odnt know if he still does though which has a 2.125 on it


No, I believe that Shaun broke his DX…Now he has a Yuni with profiles But i think he broke the frame so now he has the DX frame on the profiles maybe? He said sometimes there is a bit of rub.

I think Anthony ride 110 Koxx cranks now.

Shaun Johansen rides a Torker DX I think, and he’s freaking GOOD.
but for the most part, yeah, it is easier with a 2.5" tire.

He decided to buy a yuni profile but he siad its not as good for 720 unispins than the DX.

Yeah, shaun has a 2.5 trials now. A quick search coukld find what he said about it.

I ride street on a DX. Im soon getting a 2.5 trials’, so i’ll ride street on both.:slight_smile:

I think street is better on a 2.5, but this topic has been covered.

After thinking aabout it… Street would be good on a DX if you did street like shaun does. Not so much going huge* but doing techy stuff on smaller sets. It sounds like a fair but light unicycle.

*Shaun goes big on alot of things. Don’t take that wrong. Like double digit rails(sets over 9) but he has told me he likes doing techy stuff on smaller sets better.


yeah, i’m using koxx 110 cranks now, and i like them.

I think that having the bmx style rim and tire for street is much better, everything is quicker and smoother which is what street is all about. I think the reason why more people aren’t riding on 2.10 and narrower tires is because at first the tire feels really hard, and like you couldn’t jump very high. But once you get used to it I think people will be able to rolling hop higher than with a trials tire( i know i could).

So my recomendation would be to get, a splined hub(kh, quax, koxx, profile) and lace it up to a good bmx rim(something double wall, or triple wall)


Trials uni’s are awesome for street. If you’re into the bigger drops, sets, stuff like that, the tire really provides a comfortable landing. Whatever size tire you use (seems like really fat or kinda fat are both good) make sure you have a strong hub. But that was all ready covered, lol.

I’m currently riding a profile hub and cranks, viscount seat, DX frame, since I broke my yuni frame. Just to clear that up, and the rubbing stopped. haha, friction wore it away, lol.

Getting into street? Right on, good luck, I wish the best, it’s a rad style but has bad falls sometimes. Just make sure you shread. Whatever you’re doing. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

I down right suck at street so im not much to be talking but i find the 1.95 tire great for street, its smoother, the 110 psi makes everything so smooth, I have riden my yuni trials and my street uni on the same stuff and i can rolling hop just as high on the street uni, also with the 110 cranks you can build up hella alot of speed tward say a stair case or if your good a handrail.

I would say 110 or 125 cranks on a 2.5 trials would be best. Specifiaclly straight cranks, IE no Q-factor.

Nah, Truly guys, the 110psi is not bad at all, you get use to it so fast, i jump a 5 set like everyday, its not bad atl all.

Edit: I also dont see any point in a trials tire on a street uni, for me it just adds to my problems, it will sometimes bounce me off on a stair case, and i dunno, just dosnt seem the way to go. also the 110psi tire lets you front and back spin so fast it feels like a 180.