Street Weekend

Ok so yeah, Street weekend at my place. Your all invited. See you all there.


  • Will you provide food?
  • Travel to riding spots?
  • Where is your house?
  • What days?
  • We can all stay at your house?

More info.

Do you realise where he lives? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, thanks to all who came. It was loads of fun. Hopefully we’ll all see each other again next year.

Delete this thread now please. lol

I had so much fun. It was pretty cool when Isaac pulled the 900 spin off. :wink:

You seriously didn’t know he was joking?..haha

I had a ball. So glad Isaac landed the 900 unispin while I was watching. How about we have the next Street Weekend at my house from 2.17pm till 3.11pm tomorrow. Lawl

Oh, but he answered me, I flew over at 5:14pm like he wanted me to, stayed by the doorway by his kitchen, he feed me a waffle, and walked me to the riding spots, and it was a blast.