street vs. trials

equipment-wise, what’s the difference?

if i’d like to start riding “street” (spins, unispins, grinds) should i get a freestyle uni, a trials uni, or something in between?

I’d say go with a trials uni. If you want you can make street and trials riding the same.


Yeh Nobody really makes a freestyle/street combo unicycle.


definitely go for the trials uni. when you get into the harder and bigger tricks, you wont have to worry as much about the integrity of it.if you are budget minded, but the nimbus trials. it can handle drops of about 3 feet, if you roll out of the landing. anything beyond 3 would be pushing it in my book. but if you are just starting out, dont worry about this yet. worry about it when you get better. or if you wanted to, you could make some sort of freestyle/street/trials uni. that would be a good one