Street Vids.

Are there any good street vids in the gallery. i am just to lasy to look threw all of them. Mainlty interested in street. Please link. Thanks

heresss…forget it am too lazy

do a forum search for street videos, there’s plenty.

copier. again. everyone always copies me. is it because I come up with the best ideas? yes, it must be. but I’ll have you know, ‘betcha can stick it’ is my XC and distance track team’s motto. So I have an emotional attachment to that phrase.

theres a few street vids of me at my friends website any of the videos with the name anthony in the title, but for much better vids do a search for kevin mcmullin, xavier collos,

weird, for some reason that posted under my very dumb old screen name

its becuase james is the almighty trend setter, i can merely hope to be as cool as he… some day… :smiley:


There is a collection of links to street videos at

Look under Resources. The trials links also contain a bunch of street. Feel free to add more links.